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Soldered Curves is a stained glass celebration of all of us. We all have a butt, we all (should) love butts, why not honor them? By capturing the shapes of butts of all kinds, we give our customers a way to share in this celebration. Stained glass is such a beautiful technique - and now you can showcase the beauty of bodies in your own home with these pieces! 

Started in January of 2020 - just in time to really dive in during lockdown - Soldered Curves was created by Kellie Ann Krouse. She is a multidisciplinary artist who has always created art about the body. Upon trying stained glass for the first time, she decided to make a butt as her first piece. And the rest, is history!

Soldered Curves consists of a wide range of products from Tiny Tushys to Larger panels. Because of this wide range, early on in the making of these piece, Krouse discovered that there was a lot of scrap left over from the larger piece. That is how she conceived of Tiny Tushys! These pieces are created using as much of the scrap as she can to make a never ending pool of unique Tinys! To help customers narrow down which scraps are used we have a guide to the "color options" on our FAQ page! 

Thank you for supporting the mission of Soldered Curves to celebrate bodies of all kinds!

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