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S O L D E R E D  C U R V E S

[saa·drd kurvz]

S T A I N E D  G L A S S

by Kellie Ann Krouse


Soldered Curves is a stained glass celebration of all of us. We all have a butt we all (should) love butts, why not honor them? By capturing the shapes of butts of all kinds, we give everyone a way to share in this celebration. Stained glass is such a beautiful technique - and now you can showcase the beauty of bodies in your own home with these pieces! 

Started in January of 2020 - just in time to really dive in during lockdown - Soldered Curves was created by Kellie Ann Krouse. She is a multidisciplinary artist who has always created art about the body. Upon trying stained glass for the first time, she decided to make a butt as her first piece. And the rest, is history!

Soldered Curves Tiny Tushy Derriere.png


"Us" is currently a small team of me! I will do my best to get back to your emails as quickly as I can.

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